Simulators for training drivers on airport ramps

The airport sector includes a specific section for ramp operators and driving vehicles on ramps . SIMFOR offers a training system for this group.

SIMFOR airport ramp driving simulators can include light vehicle simulator cabins or heavy vehicle simulator . This flexibility allows training to be provided on all vehicles present at an airport.
Compatible with Covid-19 regulations, it allows you to disinfect each booth after each use and concentrate training in a small and controlled area.

What problems do we find in the airport sector?

Driver safety on ramping

Risk in interaction with aircraft

Hiring new certified drivers

Driving simulator solutions

Continuous training with a high level immersion simulator that allows the driver to learn the safety protocols for driving on the airport ramp.

Training of action procedures with a specific pedagogical content related to the movements of aircraft on ramps.

Certification of new drivers with an evaluation carried out in the simulator.

We have a portfolio of more than 10 airport models , and we model the virtual environment of the airport requested by the client.

SIMFOR airport ramp driving simulators allow cooperative driving of various driving positions in the same virtual environment.

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