Training and certification

Continuous training

Continuing Education refers to the learning processes that occur after a driver already has a driver's license, but it is required that he or she be kept up-to-date and certified in a number of specific skills.
for Continuous training is usually related to professional driving licenses because they are the ones with the highest road risk.

From SIMFOR we propose the use of driving simulators for the continuous training of drivers because:

Reduces the risk of accident in learning in adverse situations.
It reduces the price of the training compared to the real vehicle
Reduces maintenance costs for real vehicles when components break due to misuse during training.
Reduces fuel emissions to the environment.
It makes the time invested in training more productive, since no travel to the driving area is required
It allows the monitoring of the performance of drivers due to the simulation management systems.

Our offer allows you to carry out continuous driver training with:

You can use the SIMFOR simulators to train the Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP)

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