Simulators for freight transport

The road freight transport is a pillar of logistics. It is a sector that requires safety and efficiency in the performance of its activity, without sacrificing the margins of its business, which are increasingly affected by fuel prices.

To achieve this balance between safety and budget, from SIMFOR we propose to focus attention on driver training and the accident prevention by entering a driving simulator in company processes.
Compatible with Covid-19 regulations, it allows you to disinfect each booth after each use and concentrate training in a small and controlled area.

What problems does the freight transport sector face?

Damage to the merchandise during transport

Driver rotation and hiring new drivers

Updating with the technologies of the vehicle manufacturer brands

Road accidents en route

Legislation on compulsory driver training

Driving simulator solutions

Continuous training specialized with a realistic movement simulator, with a high level of immersion that allows the driver to learn how to protect the integrity of the merchandise in specific risk situations. The simulator stores the usage data and a report available to the company is generated that lists the problems for each driver.

Certification of new drivers with an evaluation carried out in the simulator, previously defined by the company to address the Human Resources aspects that concern it the most.

The truck simulator integrates real controls for each vehicle and brand that the customer requires. Several types of technologies can be trained in the same simulation cabin.

Possibility of studying a simulated accident. On-mission training where you can see the accident from various points of view, analyze the braking and acceleration points and repeat the exercise until the drivers consolidate what they have learned.

CAP with the possibility of training the required content at low cost and high productivity.


Driving simulator for your Business

More security at a lower cost. Contact us and we will help you optimize your driver training. We offer simulation solutions with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for very varied sectors:

  • Transportation, logistics and supply chain
  • National and international freight transport
  • Transportation of construction material
  • Oil and gas transportation
  • Dangerous goods transport
  • Transport of live animals
  • Transport of potable or non-potable water
  • Refrigerated transports

Safety and efficiency for your business thanks to the SIMFOR Camion simulator. If you require the combined simulation of goods transport and passenger transport vehicles, visit the ENTAC.

Contact us to receive more information on the use of simulators in the transport of goods.