High immersion simulator for military vehicles:


It is a highly immersive driving simulator where students cooperate with each other and can carry out joint training missions .


Interchangeable driving positions that faithfully recreate the interior of the two vehicles, with all the original components. The same cabin can include different driving positions.

Movement system with 6 degrees of freedom capable of reaching 1G of force and that reproduces accelerations and longitudinal, lateral and angular displacements in all kinds of situations such as loss of traction, collisions, slopes, potholes, steps, punctures, skids, blows with stones or other obstacles.

Cooperative driving system between simulators that allows different drivers to carry out joint missions, communicating with each other and seeing each other in real time. In addition, each Instructor can join the mission by controlling vehicles in the environment or in the military convoy.

Fully enclosed cab, life-size, with two access doors

Air conditioning system in the cabin.

Steering system of its own development in which you can appreciate all the irregularities of the terrain as well as the force transmitted by the wheels in different conditions such as asphalt, sand, water, mud, dirt, snow or ice.

Visual 180º visualization system with a graphic engine capable of accurately representing the environment, high image refresh rate and stability that reduces driver fatigue and does not cause dizziness.

Dolby Surround sound system with 5 satellites and independent Subwoffer with which you can quickly detect the trajectory of vehicles, projectiles, IEDs or mines without having to visualize them.


The RG-31 and LMV tactical driving simulator is a solution for the military sector that increases safety in training processes and considerably reduces training costs.

High-level physical system that reproduces the behavior of off-road vehicles, with different locking systems, suspension behavior in extreme conditions, with sand, mud, water or snow terrain.

Simulation of mine and IED explosions and interaction with virtual snipers.

Introduction of planned incidents in real time: breakdowns (motor, electrical, punctures in a certain wheel, breakdown in the blockages, brakes, etc.), explosions, weather conditions, change in the level of adhesion of the pavement and change in the level of adhesion of each wheel independently.

Pedagogical value

The RG-31 and LMV tactical driving simulator has an extensive package of pre-programmed practices and offers the possibility of creating new exercises:

Engine start and stop operations

Use of all controls

Start and stop


Emergency braking and skidding


Control exercises of reaction times and distances

Driving with or without load

Driving in adverse conditions

Economical driving

Defensive driving

Driving with and without chains in mud and snow

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