Motorcycle driving simulator with augmented reality. for The ideal safe driving training solution for driving schools , courier companies and Police


Total immersion for realistic driving.

Visual system with virtual reality glasses: 360º viewing for the user.

Integrated augmented reality system that allows a view of the driver's hands and the actual handlebar of the motorcycle.

Real motorcycle with original controls: real driving on a 125 / 150cc motorcycle.

Sound system with integrated headphones in the glasses. The driver listens to all the sounds of the engine and virtual environment without disturbing those nearby.

Movement system with 2 degrees of freedom that reproduces the sensations of acceleration and braking.


Fall analysis software that allows you to identify why a driver has fallen.

Possibility of integrating cooperative driving between simulators, which allows different drivers to perform simulation practices from different cabins, in the same virtual environment.

The driving simulator can include an Instructor Station from which the user interacts in real time.

Navigable virtual menu with glasses on and on the bike. Transition times between users are reduced to a minimum.

The virtual reality and augmented reality system allows 360º viewing, both inside and outside the vehicle, which facilitates the practice of maneuvers.

Possibility of driving the motorcycle desired by the client, with its controls and real aesthetics.

Pedagogical value

The motorcycle is a multipurpose vehicle and its low cost makes it the most widely used motor vehicle in the world. However, it is also the one with the highest accident rate.

That is why at SIMFOR we offer a motorcycle simulator with content adapted to each need.

Do driver training who do not know how to drive and who wish to obtain their A license

Train defensive and evasive driving with driving missions and specific action protocols.
Do continuous training specific: overtaking technique, lane changes, speed control or driving in bad weather conditions.
Certify driver capabilities.

Instructor position

SIMFOR Moto can incorporate an Instructor Station for interaction with the driver in real time and simultaneous analysis of driving.

Data management with Simfor Cloud

SIMFOR Moto incorporates the user management application and simulation practices. With SIMFOR Cloud you will be able to organize the schedule of use of your simulator, plan the exercises of each user, see the evolution of the drivers' capacities and generate a history of simulation practices.

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