Training and certification

Initial driver training

Initial driver training refers to the learning process required to obtain a specific driver's license.

From SIMFOR we propose the use of driving simulators for the initial training of drivers because:

Reduces the risk of accident during the learning process.
Reduces the price of training: a simulator can work longer hours than a real vehicle, can work regardless of the weather, and allows effective driving regardless of traffic.
Reduces fuel emissions to the environment.
It increases the learning curve, specifically in the initial part of the training: it promotes a system of repetition of procedures that guarantees their assimilation for new drivers.

The pedagogical content is structured as follows to speed up the learning process:

Blocks of exercises with different levels of difficulty.
Exercises with specific pedagogical objectives on the initial knowledge of the vehicle
Traffic artificial intelligence system to interact with the user's driving.
Autonomous navigation through the simulator menus so that an instructor is not required.

Our offer allows you to carry out initial driver training with:

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