Driving and tactical skills training simulators

The Police and the various Security Forces invest an important part of their work in training in the driving of vehicles and the practice of communication protocols for their personnel.

SIMFOR offers a comprehensive Police training system that can include light vehicle simulator , heavy vehicle simulator cabs and / or motorcycle simulator cabins .
Compatible with Covid-19 regulations, it allows you to disinfect each booth after each use and concentrate training in a small and controlled area.

What problems does the Police face in terms of driving?

High risk training due to type of maneuvers

High cost logistics deployment requirement for training

Material difficulties in recreating training situations

Driving simulator solutions

Training in a safe virtual environment with highly immersive simulators that behave like the real vehicle.

Training in communication protocols between drivers and the command post.

Software specifically adapted to recreate police work situations. Adaptations are made by territory and by type of Security Corps.

SIMFOR's driving skills and tactics training simulators allow cooperative driving of multiple driving positions in the same virtual environment.

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