Simfor Bus

High immersion simulator for passenger transport. In accordance with all the requirements of European regulations EU Directive 2003/59
Safety and efficiency for your passenger transport business thanks to SIMFOR Bus. If you require the combined simulation of goods transport and passenger transport vehicles, visit ENTAC


High immersion for realistic driving in a semi-enclosed cabin.

Professional driving cab with:

• Adjustable seat
• Seat belt
• Professional steering wheel with force feedback
• Key contact
• Switch for lowering and loading passengers
• Ramp switch
• Light switch and lever
• Emergency lights
• Indicators
• Wiper washer
• Retarder
• Parking break
• Horn

Visual system with three or four screens.

Movement system with 3 degrees of freedom that reproduces the sensations of acceleration, braking, inclination and variation of the load.

Sound system with headphones integrated into the glasses. The driver listens to all the sounds of the engine and virtual environment without disturbing those nearby.

Possibility of manual, sequential and / or real automatic transmission of vehicles of different brands.

Clutch, accelerator and brake pedals with ABS.

Cabin for continuous training


Cooperative operating system between simulators that allows different drivers to carry out joint training.

It includes the selection of vehicle types according to the customer’s need:

• Rigid bus
• Rigid urban bus
• Articulated urban bus
• Interurban bus
• Long distance passenger bus
• Low-floor buses
• Double-decker buses
• 2 and 3 axis buses

Interaction with pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles on the road.

The simulator includes a large number of pre-programmed practices with exercises that are selected from a start menu.

Incluye la conducción de vehículos de distintas marcas, incluidas SCANIA, MERCEDES BENZ, VOLVO entre otras.

Espacios específicos para subida y bajada de pasajeros

Más de 400 km en variedad de escenarios incluyendo recorridos reales: ciudad, autopista, vías interurbanas, pista de pruebas y maniobras.

Variedad de condiciones de adherencia del pavimento.

Variedad de condiciones meteorológicas: lluvia, niebla, nieve.

El simulador permite la creación de ejercicios con recorridos propios, diseñados por el instructor.

Pedagogical value

Bet on always updated training thanks to SIMFOR's flexibility. With SIMFOR Bus you can:
Make training for drivers who want to obtain their C, D, E license
Do continuous training and the CAP (Certificate of Professional Aptitude ) regulated in Spain by Royal Decree 1032/2007
Certify capabilities of drivers in cases of high turnover or new incorporations
Train driving maneuvers that can be costly when performed in a real vehicle, such as parking, loading and unloading, turning
Raise road safety awareness and risk prevention to train reactions to road hazards, emergency braking and driving in adverse conditions.

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