Simulator for Driving Schools

Driving schools are companies that provide the theoretical and practical education required to obtain a driving license.

Driving schools in Latin America, or driving schools in Spain, make up a sector that requires technology and digitization to renew its educational offer.
In this post Covid-19 society, a driving simulator allows you to disinfect the cabin after each use and concentrate training in a small and controlled area.
driving license
From SIMFOR we propose the introduction of driving simulators in the driving school offer. We have specific pedagogical content for the training of motorcycle drivers , car or heavy vehicles .

All driving school simulators are compatible with the latest technology from Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

What problems does the driving school sector face?

High competition with companies in the sector and a similar offer of products and services

Reduced office space

Low percentage of students approved in the first call

Lack of proximity to mandatory driving practice areas

Impossibility of offering classes at night or with a variety of weather conditions

Limited budget for technology acquisition

Driving simulator solutions

The simulator conveys a modern and technological image of the driving school. It can be customized with the company logo in the virtual environment.

The design of the simulators is modular, light and transportable .

The simulator allows the driving school to present a student with more hours of practice to the exam.

All simulators include varied driving scenarios. SIMFOR offers more than 200 km of real roads to be traveled.

All simulators include a varied program of driving exercises at different times of the day and in different weather conditions .

From SIMFOR sales channels you can access low cost driving simulators, and with financing facilities.

The driving school sector can implement simulators for initial driver training and for continuing training .

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