Virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality provide the user with an enhanced simulation experience .

We speak of virtual reality when we only refer to the generation of a virtual environment. While augmented reality includes interaction with the real world.
At SIMFOR we enable the integration of augmented reality in:

Car Simulator

Moto Simulator

Truck Simulator

Bus Simulator


Virtual reality glasses with 360º visualization.

Inclusion of a stereoscopic camera Zed Mini to interact with physical objects in real time, while observing those objects within the virtual environment

The camera reproduces the ability of human eyes to capture different image ranges and then produce a three-dimensional scene, later visible through glasses.

Sound system with integrated headphones in the glasses.

Compatibility with people who wear contact lenses or glasses.

Hygienic disposable protectors, adapted to the COVID-19 regulations.

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